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  • Document Scanning & High Volume Scanning

    Document Scanning has been at the centre of e document scanning business for the past 20 years; with our professional and experienced scanning bureau we have supplied many large organisations and local authorities with secure and easy to use paperless solutions.

    Our team of consultants will visit you to discuss your exact requirements and who can organise production demonstration samples of your documents, digitally converted for you to view, before deciding to use our services.

    Our prices are extremely competitive and our quotations are based on fixed rates so that you know exactly how much a job is going to cost. Services we are able to offer: -

    Using the latest state of the art Kodak high volume scanners, e document scanning provides an excellent service and solution to cater for any paper scanning needs. We are so confident in its bureau's professional manner it always welcome visitors for product demonstrations. The document-scanning bureau also meets all the required guidelines put forward in the data protection act.

    Document Scanning can be supplied back in many forms, the decision on what form usually corresponds to the level of retrieval for example:

    High-level Multi user Retrieval. In this case a company or department may send out active paperwork which several members of the team may need instant access to at regular intervals. e document scanning would supply a multi-user, concurrent licence based software, this would then allow scanned images supplied by e document scanning to be loaded on to a server and accessed through out the office at any time. With touch type instant desktop access, e-mail, PDF and printing capabilities it is easy to see why so many larger organisations have chosen this option.

    This a very popular solution allowing easy and secure access to all company documents, the software will allow for the basis to a full document management solution so companies can integrate new information with the scanned image being supplied. This is not an option only for large organisation as the software can be tailored to meet all needs with options from one to a hundred plus concurrent users.

    Medium to Low-level Retrieval. With medium to low retrieval requirement it is usually the case that the documents being scanned are older than a year but must be kept on record for legal reasons. The solution to this problem is to scan and return all documents on a CD or DVD, to keep a high level of speed and easy retrieval when the requirement arises the CD/DVD comes complete with its own retrieval software. The retrieval software will allow touch type, desktop retrieval, e-mail and print capabilities, the advantage to this is the Images will be stored on the CD/DVD and the software on your PC allowing instant retrieval direct from your CD/DVD.

    Low-Level Retrieval. Low-level retrieval is where the documents are only looked at once or twice a year but need to be kept and stored for legal reasons. e document scanning can collect and scan the documents and supply them in an indexed root image format, the most common being TIFF, JPEG and PDF. The images will be stored on either CD/DVD this will allow for easy storage and simple retrieval if required, all the software you will require is the imaging software supplied with windows.

    The benefits of document scanning are very clear it creates a clean, time and cost effective office and the benefits will out way the outlay in little time.