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  • Frequenty Asked Questions

    What is document scanning?

    Document scanning is the process of using document scanning software and high-speed document scanners to convert an image of the paper to a digital picture. These electronic images can then be indexed and stored in a document storage system which gives your users the ability to search through millions of scanned documents in a matter of minutes.

    How can I benefit from document archiving and storing my documents in digital form?

    We have prepared a document that lists the main benefits of document archival and document scanning in a PDF file. Just click on the link to download.

    Wouldn’t it be best to scan my own documents rather than outsourcing it?

    If you have small daily volumes of documents which need a quick turnaround time then it is generally best to do it yourself on a small desktop scanner. We can advise on which scanner would best suit your requirements.

    Larger volumes of documents (i.e. Many thousands) are generally best outsourced to a professional scanning company. eDocument Scanning use very high quality and high-speed scanners, which generate excellent image quality and keep costs down due to their high speed. You also benefit from our pre-existing QA procedures, which would take time and training to implement in house.

    How many document pages can I scan onto a CD?

    This will vary to a large extent according to the information on each page but typically 20-30 archive boxes of A4 documents can fit on one CD-ROM. For larger projects we will also store data onto DVD!

    How can I estimate how many document pages I have?

    Typically a full lever arch file will contain 250-300 pages and an archive box approx 3,000 pages.

    What types of information can you scan and store in digital form?

    eDocument Scanning can scan anything from microfilms through to large format full colour drawings of 36” wide and any length.

    Don’t I need to keep the original scanned documents?

    In virtually all cases these days’ electronic scanned documents are acceptable by Government Agencies such as HM Customs, Inland Revenue and Courts of Law. The key aspect is to ensure that the documents can be proven to have been scanned, stored and managed with ‘due care and diligence’. All eDocument Scanning's scanning work follows these guidelines.

    I have hundreds of pages of documents that I need in MS Word format. How do I do it?

    Just send us the originals and we can scan them in and convert them automatically (OCR) into MS Word, PDF or other format. We also offer a full checking and error correction service to ensure accuracy is retained.